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Solar Gas and Oil Systems

Combining solar panels with your existing gas or oil central heating system.


Lets be realistic. Although solar panel heating systems are great during the summer (providing up to 100% of your hot water heating needs), what about the rest of the year? Manufacturers quote around a 60-70% annual hot water heating figure, but what about the seemingly increasing months of wind, rain and cold?


The obvious solution is to have the heating potential of the solar panels topped up by a supplementary heat source.



Solar Gas and Oil Systems

The hot water cylinders supplied with solar heating systems are usually designed to be heated by both the solar panels and an alternative source. This is achieved by having two heating coils within the cylinder.


The first heating coil is connected to the solar panels; during the summer months, this will usually be sufficient to provide all your hot water. Even during cloudy weather, you'd be surprised how efficient the solar panels are at heating your water.


The second coil is connected to your central heating system in the normal manner. This is thermostatically controlled, so that if the temperature of the hot water is not high enough (55-60°C), the boiler kicks in and makes up the difference.


Really, you get the best of both worlds. You enjoy the efficiency and money saving of solar, with the convenience and reliability of a normal heating system.



Solar Panel Installers in the UKSolar Panel Installers in the UK

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