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Ecotourism - Where to go?

It's a fairly obvious first question, but where can you go on an ecological holiday with a clear conscience?


The best form of ecotourism is to stay close to home. With air travel sited as one of the most polluting means of travel, you’re better of travelling by train or water.


However, you would miss out on so many amazing cultures and places in the world and local economies would miss out. Some of the most popular ecotourism destinations can be found below:



Popular Ecotourism Destinations



Kenya and Swaziland have become very popular over recent years. Features such as their deserts, national parks, wildlife and culture make them extremely attractive propositions. This increase in popularity has also put pressure on the tourism industry to ensure that tourism is managed sensitively. After all, if the habitats people are coming to see disappear, they will no-longer come to see them.


South-East Asia

Thailand and Indonesia are still hugely popular for ecotourists and backpackers alike.

The contrast between the stunning beaches, mountain ranges and rainforests prove irresistible. Ecotourists are also starting to visit the fairly untouched countries of Nepal, Laos and Cambodia.


Caribbean and Central America

Countries such as Costa Rica, Belize and the Dominican Republic are some of the fastest growing ecotourism hot-spots. With government support for tourism and ecological projects, Costa Rica has a huge variety of rainforests, mountain ranges, volcanoes and beaches.


South America

Brazil, Ecuador and Peru are popular ecotourism destinations. With the Amazon in Brazil, the snow-capped mountains and volcanoes of Ecuador (not to mention the indigenous populations) and the rich historical significance of the Andes in Peru make fantastic ecotourism destinations.


North America

With the huge, open spaces of the national parks, Alaska and Canada are increasing in popularity for the ecotourist.





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